Nite Lites Hot August Nites Finishline Block Party
1.  Race Information

1. Race Information

Date: Friday August 8, 2014

Location: Ammon, ID - All participants will run the same route til you reach the Hillcrest High School West parking lot, however, your chosen event distance will determine where on the route you start.

Half Marathoners & 10Kers will head south on 45th East & follow it up into what is called Iron Rim - you will follow this road to the top of the hill where the pavement ends. The Half will start at this point. From the top you will run downhill -back the way you came. 3 miles down the hill you will reach your 1st water station...which also serves as the 10K starting area. (10Kers - you won't miss us - just look for the lights & signage) Once you pass this point, keep going down to 45th East & continue on till you reach 49th South. You will take a left here and go down to Woodland Hills Elementary where you will do a short out & back...this will be your second Aid Station & the 5K starting point. Please check in with the volunteers as they will be watching for you. Thanks! From Woodland Hills you will get back on 49th South and turn right - headed West- and run down to Hitt Rd. This is the 1 mile starting point & aid station for those who started the other how that works. Turn right on Hitt and head towards the lights of town. Once you cross Sunnyside (carefully!) you will run up Hitt to the next stop light at Derrald. Turn right and head to the finish line at Hillcrest High School.

Half Marathoners - @ Woodland Hills aid station you will head back to 49th South and turn left and almost immediatley, turn right, into the Woodland Hills housing area. You will run a 1 mile loop through the neighborhood and back out to 49th South where you will turn left, headed West. At Ammon Road you will turn left and head south to run the country block. Turn Right on 65th and right again onto Hitt Road.  In one mile you will meet up with the main course at the One Mile check in.   Upon reaching 45th, volunteers will direct you to turn left and run an out & back before rejoining all the other stars and heading to the finish line.   Remember - before you head out to your course please check in with us at Hillcrest High School west parking lot, as well as at the starting area so we know you are on the course. Again, this is for safety reasons. Thanks!! Please take note - We will not have bag pick-up or registration at any of the starting areas & highly encourage bag pick-up on Friday between 4-6pm at Hillcrest High School's West Parking lot attend the pre-race meeting at 6pm.

5kers You will start at Woodhills Elementary and turn right onto 45th and run to Hitt road.  Here, amazing volunteers will direct you to turn right and head towards town.  Carefully cross Sunnyside and run to the stoplight at Derrald (Carinos).  Turn right and head to the finish line at Hillcrest High School.

Start Time: You Decide! 1/2 Marathon course opens @ 9:00pm & closes @ 11:00pm - If you can run it this fast we'll find a special award just for you!

Finish Time: Midnight

Same Day Registration: Available til 6:00pm @ Hillcrest High School before you head to your starting area. This also allows you to create your race bib here if necessary. No registration or bag pick-up at starting areas. We Highly Encourage Early Registration!!!!! Did we get enough exclamation points on that?

Awards, Food, Fun & raffle after race! Maybe we shoulda put more exclamation points here. :)

To cut down on so many trips away from home and the polution factor, we will not have early bag pick ups & Highly encourage you to pick them up on Friday between 4-6pm and to attend the pre-race meeting at 6pm.

Courses: Half Marathon starts @ top of 45th East in Iron Rim Development. 10K starts 3 miles from the top of 45th East. You will be near houses at your starting area. We will have lights & signage for you. 5K starts at Woodland Hills Elementary on 49th South.  Milers - you will start on the corner of 49th South & Hitt RD. Full Course description is at the top of this page & you probably already read it before getting here. If you decided to skip it I recommend going back and giving it a looksie.

Lighting devices are required. We suggest a headlamp or flashlight. Reflective gear of some sort will also be required. If you do not have reflective gear & your race number you will be asked to leave the course for safety reasons. We will provide a glow stick and have other fun glowy things you can purchase at the starting areas.

About that race/bib number - you get to make your own as part of the fun! We recommend using Tyvek-like paper (house wrap) or get a waterproof paper from Staples. You could also use regular paper or the shirt you will be wearing. It just has to be on the front of your person when you cross the finish line. Numbers must be @ least 3 inches high & 2 inches wide...take a look at your last race bib for an example. We can create you one but guarantee you'll like yours better. We will assign a number to you which will be posted on our Buttin Gear FaceBook. Numbers must be worn on your front. An award will be given to the most unique bibs. 


No Timing devices will be allowed except for the clock at the starting and finishing areas. On your Honor please. This is a test to see who can listen to that inner clock and cross the finishline closest to midnight without being too early...or late for that matter. There may be some surprises on the be awake and alive!

Last year's event was spectacular with our new, Lite a Mile sponsors, and a fun addition to what we envision for this race. Thanks to all who participated. Again, it's up to you to sign up, encourage others to do the same & help us grow & let us know you want it to continue. Thanks for "shinning" with us this year! We look forward to a "bright" future!

Grab your friends and neighbors, family and strangers (careful with the strangers) & join us in Being the Stars for a nite!

Below is last years map for the half-marathon. This may be changing slightly, stay posted.