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Date: Saturday, April 18, 2015

Location: Menan Butte - Westside trail head

Menan, Idaho

10th Annual

Participants include: Those new to trail running, local cross country runners, Idaho's best trail and mountain runners, national and international team trail and mountain runners.

The Menan Butte Trail Challenge is the perfect last preparation event before the Scout Mountain Ultra Trail (Formerly the Pocatello 50).

The Menan Butte Trail Challenge course begin at the west trailhead and ascend to the rim up a set of switchbacks.  Descending into the butte’s crater, everyone crosses the floor of this dormant volcano only to ascend on the other side and turn south to scramble up Slick Dome rock before their descent to the lower west rim; the course again descends into the crater and ascend the steep east side rim to the north. Runners then negotiate a technical rock maze around the north slope, returning them to the west rim and the demanding descent back down the “Butt-Buster.” The Menan Butte Course is considered the toughest run in the state of it's distance.

This years running of the Menan Butte Trail Challenge will again include a 25K option for those looking to explore or continue longer distance trail running. The 25K course will run the 12K loop twice and has approx 4400 feet in elevation gain/loss creating an exciting challenge for your morning. You'll leave tired but not disappointed! There will be an aid station in the parking lot and up on the rim after completing the switchbacks.

For those new to trail running, take note of the aid stations and be prepared to carry additional food/water if necessary, as this is part of the fun. We will have water and some simple food like pretzels and M&M's at the Rim Station as you finish your first big ascent up the butte. The Basecamp Station will have sandwiches, chips, soda, water, electrolyte drink, candy and more.

Start Time:

50K - 6:00am (New distance this year)

25K - 7:30am

12K - 8:30am

5K - 9:30am

Early Bag Pick-Up:

April 18 -Bags will be available for pick up when you check-in for your race on race day.

Trail maps are not wanting to load to site & we will continue to work on that.  A large map of the trail as well as small ones you can carry with you will be available on site on race day.

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